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Hello and welcome to Charles Smith Photography's website and online gallery.  I am an avid photographer, based out of Temple, Texas, with a wide interest in various subject matter.  My interests include landscapes, nature, abstract, fine art and environmental portrait photography.  I also shoot stock photography for a few different stock agencies.

Please visit my portfolio and browse through the images.  Most of the images are for sale, allowing you to order prints directly from my portfolio.  The only exception is for images that are currently with stock photo agencies that are exclusive.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the Contact Page.


  • 20170709-Panna Maria Church-DSLR-001.jpg
  • 20171008_Wildflower_026.jpg
  • 20171001_White Fence_082-HDR.jpg
  • 20171020_Belton Lake_043.jpg
  • 20171020_Belton Lake_031.jpg
  • 20140112-Enchanted Rock-DSLR-010.jpg
  • IMG_2548.jpg
  • 20140112-Enchanted Rock-DSLR-015.jpg
  • 20171104_PepperCreek_043.jpg
  • 20171008_Wildflower_042.jpg
  • 20140112-Enchanted Rock-DSLR-012.jpg
  • IMG_2526.jpg
  • 20171104_PepperCreek_027.jpg
  • 20171001_Chalk Ridg Falls_012-HDR.jpg
  • 20171104_PepperCreek_003.jpg
  • 20170709-Panna Maria Church-DSLR-008.jpg
  • 20170707-Tuleta-DSLR-014.jpg
  • 20130723-Enchanted Rock-DSLR-002.jpg
  • 20171021_ChalkRidgeFalls_012.jpg
  • 20170707-Tuleta-DSLR-034.jpg
  • 20170709-Panna Maria Church-DSLR-005.jpg
  • 20170823_Lake Belton_001.jpg
  • 20171104_PepperCreek_007.jpg
  • 20171021_ChalkRidgeFalls_007.jpg
  • 20170707-Tuleta-DSLR-025.jpg
  • 20171007_Marina_006.jpg
  • 20170709-Tuleta-DSLR-001.jpg
  • 20170707-Tuleta-DSLR-026.jpg
  • 20170707-Tuleta-DSLR-017.jpg
  • 20171001_Chalk Ridg Falls_077.jpg
  • 20170924_Chalk Ridge Falls_044.jpg
  • 20170819_Hay Field_012.jpg
  • 20171020_Belton Lake_029.jpg
  • 20170916_5D Mark III Test_006.jpg
  • 20170707-Tuleta-DSLR-003.jpg
  • 20171017_SuspensionBridge_034.jpg
  • 20170707-Tuleta-DSLR-029.jpg
  • 20171020_Tree_005.jpg
  • 20170819_Hay Field_022.jpg
  • 20170916_5D Mark III Test_003.jpg
  • 20171007_Marina_011.jpg
  • 20170924_Chalk Ridge Falls_040.jpg
  • 20171015_ColdFront_032.jpg
  • 20171020_Belton Lake_005.jpg
  • 20171008_Wildflower_046.jpg
  • 20171020_Belton Lake_002.jpg
  • 20170901_Glen Rose_024.jpg
  • 20171007_Marina_023.jpg
  • 20170819_Hay Field_019.jpg
  • 20171008_Wildflower_041.jpg




Belton Lake
Chalk Ridge Falls
Enchanted Rock
Pepper Creek
Wildflower Country Club